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Fashions On The Field Competitions

The Fashions on the field competitions held at Thoroughbred Park include:

Tuesday 1 November 2016 - Melbourne Cup Race Day
Sunday 5 March 2017 - Myer Fashions on the field.  Mercedes-Benz Canberra Black Opal Stakes Day.
Saturday 18 March 2017 - Canberra Outlet Centre Marymead Ladies Day

Please note categories are Classic Ladies Racewear and Classic Mens Racewear.

Black Opal Stakes day, the Millinery Award is an additional category.  Prizes are for the winner and runners up only.  See below for prize information and timetables.


Classic Ladies Race wear  |  Millinery Award   |  Classic Mens Race wear  

All ladies and gentlemen, providing they are adhering to the criteria are eligible to enter Fashions on the field.

Entrants should register between the times advised at the Fashion Stage, unless otherwise approached by our expert Fashion on the Field official scouts.

Entrants will be given a numbered card for the preliminary judging, which will take place in the same area.

Entrants will be asked to pose on stage with each entrant while the judges make their decision. A minimum of two heats for the Classic Ladies Racewear will take place and finalists from each heat will be called to take part in the final judging process.

The judges will be briefed weeks before the event on the strict crtieria in place for all categories.

There will be the Fashions on the Field overall winner in the Classic Ladies Racewear and Classic Mens Racewear.  Runner up prizes are on offer for feature days only or unless stipulated.


This competition is for the major prizes.

Glamour, style and key accessories are some important facets to include in your outfit, however some advice to consider for entering the Classic Ladies Fashion catagory include:-

  • Do your research.   The internet is a valuable tool to see who is winning competitions around the country.
  • Visit or google search under Fashions on the Field
  • Check out the magazines for spring and autumn racing
  • Create your own hat or visit a Milliner for an original piece.
  • Leave your nightclub outfit at home - this includes short dresses and low cut tops - be comfortable at the races!

"Make sure your hair and makeup is immaculate and your accessories are complimentary to your outfit.  Judges notice the smaller things so your jewellery, clutch, right down to your nail polish and these items should be just as important as the dress itself.  Be confident, be poised and elegant.  A professional Milliner or stylist can help if you really want to get a "head start" and be mindful of Spring fabrics used in your outfit.

Think classic with your dress.  Not what you would wear to a nightclub".


  1. Style and originality relating to a "Classisc"interpretation;
  2. Appropriateness of outfit for the race day.  For the ladies, the skirt is to be around knee length - mini's and maxi's are not race day appropriate;
  3. Attention to detail of accessories;
  4. No denim or moleskins however we do understand trans-seasonal trends and weather;
  5. A predominance of exposed skin is not classed as Classic Race wear;
  6. Ladies Classic Racewear hats or fascinators ARE ESSENTIAL TO MEET THE CRITERIA OF CLASSIC LADIES FASHION;
  7. Classic Men's Racewear jacket and tie essential. You should consider a hat or lapel flower. Matching cufflinks, hanker-chief and tie are always beneficial. The official flower of the Melbourne Cup is a yellow rose and the Mercedes-Benz Canberra Black Opal Stakes day is the pink rose;
  8. Understanding and interpretation of current fashion and trans-seasonal trends;
  9. Grooming and Deportment;
  10. Suitability of the outfit; and
  11. To be eligible to enter you must be over 18 years of age.


The Millinery Award is a stand alone category.  Those who win Millinery can compete in the Classic Ladies Race wear competition.

Some non feature race meetings may have Fashions on the Field competitions running at the request of the sponsor.

Entry terms and conditions page

Fashions on the field prizes

Mercedes-Benz Canberra Black Opal Stakes Day 
Myer Fashions on the field competition

Category Time Registration closes
Classic Ladies Racewear tbc 12:30 noon to 2:00pm
Classic Mens Racewear tbc 12:30 noon to 2:00pm

Fashions on the Field Competition - Sunday 5 March 2017
Heats - Classic Mens Racewear time tbc - Classic Ladies Racewear time tbc.

Classic Ladies Racewear
1st prize – Winner sash, $1000 Travel Gift Voucher from Jamison Travel, Cash $300, $400 Review Card, Antler Luggage Large Saturn Case, Magnum of Salinger Sparkling, Victoria's Models course voucher (Value $500).
Total $2500.00

Runner Up – Runner up sash, $200 Review Card, Antler Luggage middle Saturn case, Cash $200, Victoria's Models course voucher (Value $500).
Total $1200.00

Total Prizes value: $4,700.00

Classic Mens Race wear

1st Prize - Winner sash, $1000 Travel Gift Voucher from Jamison Travel, $300 Cash, Antler Luggage Large Saturn Case, Victoria's Models course voucher (Value $500), Magnum of Salinger Sparkling.
Total $2100.00

Runner Up - Runner up sash, Antler Luggage Medium Saturn Case, Cash $200, Victoria's Models course voucher (Value $500).
Total $1000.00

Total Prizes Value: $3900.00

TOTAL PRIZE POOL - $11,000.00

NO LATE REGISTRATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED. *Prizes are non-transferrable to a third party.

Terms and Conditions apply


You're getting ready for a big day at the races, so what are some tips for making sure you enjoy it? Here is your essential guide to Thoroughbred Park.


Dressing for the races is unique. It's a time to unleash your inner princess if you want to look your best among the fashionistas on course. Here are a couple of simple rules you should follow.


Ladies, if you would wear it to a nightclub, chances are it's not suitable for the racecourse. Think well-cut dresses that fall to the knee or just below, along with contemporary takes on the classic suit.

Visit and search under Fashions on the Field.

Myer stock a selection of contemporary racewear from major designers as well as hats and facinators, or visit the seconds stores for a vintage classic.

The best way to go when choosing a dress is with a style that suits you rather than something trendy. Nothing says fashion victim quite like a lady wearing something trendy that isn't right for her figure.


Sophistication, class and elegance is the key.

In terms of colour, Spring is the time to embrace bright tones and prints (although traditional black and white is always fashion no matter what the season). In Autumn colour is more subdued - think chocolate browns and neutrals.

Shoes are an important part of your outfit. Sandals in Spring and Summer and pumps or other close toed shoes with stockings in Autumn and Winter.

Suits are more prevalent (and practical) in the cooler months, while a dress is the way to go at the warmer times of year.


If you are going out to the races you must wear a headpiece of some kind. If you are entering the Ladies Classic Racewear it is an essential requirement. There is an amazing choice of hats, fascinators and other headwear available now. If you are not keen on wearing a hat, or lack confidence in wearing a headpiece, a simple fascinator with feathers can look amazing with the right outfit. Try a neat ponytail with a fascinator tucked in just above your hair tie until your confidence builds.


It may sound old fashioned, but one of the most effective ways to look really well turned out at the races is to match your headpiece with your bag and shoes. Shoulder bags are a must as well, as it is difficult to look the part with your race book and binoculars if you need to hold on to your purse all day.


Your handbag should contain

* No more money than you can afford to lose on the day (but enough so that you can enjoy a bet or two and catch a bus or a cab safely home).

  • Sunglasses.
  • Lipstick/Lip gloss 
  • Wallet, keys etc.* Phone (handy if you are separated from your friends).
  • Band aids (in a blister emergency).
  • Small tube of sunscreen (sunburn ruins any look).
  • A small umbrella if you can fit it in.

If you lose something, or even if you find something of value you can hand it in or ask at the Thoroughbred Park administration office.


We all know the pain we experience when we have to wear heels for up to 5 hours at the races. That doesn't mean that you can't wear heels at the races. It just means be sensible about your shoe selection. Select a pair you have already broken in, and preferably have a slightly thicker heel. Sinking into the grass in your stilettos is not a glamorous way to spend the day and can be quite dangerous and embarrassing should you fall. Exiting the course at day's end carrying your shoes because your feet are too sore to wear them is another faux pas to be avoided.

Those in the know often take a second pair of heels with them and change halfway through the day to save their feet. If you have a bag large enough to do this.

Invest in a pair of ‘party feet'. These feet padding's in your shoes assist with releasing pressure on your feet and are sold at all good shoe stores.


Make sure you don't drink on an empty stomach. Thoroughbred Park policy on drinking and Responsible Service of Alcohol is paramount. You can eat at the races from a salad or chicken kebabs at the snack bar to pizza and burgers! Keep up your water intake too. Dehydration will bring on the hang over the next day! Try to drink a bottle of water in between your drinks – it will help you to stay in control and not experience any embarrassing moments!


Suit jacket and a tie are essential. Attention to detail with all aspects of accessories such as gentlemen's hat and hankerchief really will achieve a dramatic look. Don't forget a lapel flower – but make sure you get the right flower for the day – Carnations always do the trick, but try to get the same colour as your ladies outfit to complete the look. You can purchase matching cufflinks, ties and hankerchiefs to make sure you will be a crowd favourite.


If you only frequent the race course on the major race days and aren’t quite sure what you need to do here are a couple of tips to help you out

Tab - otherwise known as the Tote. Tabcorp is Canberra’s betting agent.

BOOKIE - short for Bookmaker. You will find these fellows in the betting ring and posted around the grounds. Bookie’s will take your bet and give you fixed odds at the time of betting.

ODDS - are a reflection of the chance of a horse to win the race. The higher the odds (ie 100/1) the less likely the horse is to win and the greater your payout if they do. Odds are likely to change many times before a race jumps. They change based on the number of bets and amount of money bet on each horse before the race.

FIXED ODDS - if your horse wins, your return is based on the odds at the time you placed your bet.

SCRATCHING - a horse has been removed from the race by it's owner or trainer. If you have already made a bet on a scratched horse your money should be refunded.


First, a few basics: the smallest bet you can make is 50 cents. 50 cents is equal to 1 unit in betting lingo.

Bets can be place in whole or half dollar increments. All bets must be made before the horses start the race.

The most common types of bets are:

WIN - you are only betting on a horse to win the race. The payout if your horse wins is based on the winning odds only.

PLACE - you are betting on a horse to come first, second or third. The payout if your horse runs a place is based on the place odds only.

WIN AND A PLACE (also called Each Way) - you are betting on your horse to come first or to run a place. Making this type of bet costs double your wager ie if you bet on horse number 9 for $2, you will need $2 for bet for a win and $2 for the bet for a place, a total of $4.

QUINELLA - you are selecting the two horses that will come first or second in the race (in either order).

TRIFECTA - you are selecting the three horses that will come first, second and third in the exact order in a race. If you only want to select the horses that will run first, second and third in any order, you want a Box Trifecta. If you choose 3 horses in a box trifecta you will receive a payout if any combination of the 3 you selected run first, second or third.

Quinella, Trifecta and Box Trifecta bets cost more to place, but add to the excitement of the race. Ask the bookie or TAB representative how much your bet will cost if you are unsure.

It's customary when placing a bet to refer to the horse/s you want by their number and the race you are betting on them in by number also. This goes something like: "Can I please have $2 each way on number 3 in race 5 at Canberra?"

If you are unsure though, don't be afraid to ask the bookies and Tab staff to help you with your bet. Do be aware though, it can get frantic in the last few minutes before the race start time, so if you are unsure it pays to put your bet on at least 10 minutes early.

The Tabcorp website offers more information on betting - visit for more details.

Terms and Conditions

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